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-The university was established in 1985 with permission from The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. Its charter has since been amended few times.

The body of the University is based on :

-A supreme council of trustees(Chaired by the Minister)

-A senate(chaired by a Vice Chancellor)

-A Vice Chancellor


University Charter

-The ideals of the University is to become a strong educational establishment who can respond to the present and future needs of industry with reasonable turn-around time and acceptable quality, by providing higher degree courses, in both, research oriented problem solving activities and classical methods.

-Our intention is also to become a trusted consultant and advisor to both; the national, Hi-Tech industry and government in technology transfer , quality assurance and standards implementation.


Official and academic staff
The University enjoys the cooperation and services of many academics (PhD and Master degrees) on full time and part time basis, either employed or on contract from other universities (institutes).



Our academic mission covers two main objectives:

1. Human resource development for industries
2. Finding scientific & technological solutions  to the problems of high-tech industries in addition to knowledge  production


Performing higher education research and technology oriented courses


Execution & Management of large and complex projects



-Synergy between Research & Education
-University - Industry  linkage
-Improvement of Infrastructures
-Improve working efficiencies
-Using national & international scientific capabilities
-To look into the future needs of the high-tech industries
-Preparing the university to become the academic reference & advisor to target industries
Budget and Financial resources

The university is financed by three methods:

-Annual budget provided by the government
-Industrial and governmental project (contract based)
-Private and non-governmental research and services. (Joint venture or contract based)


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