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Ferrite exchange spring magnet


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Materials engineering department


Product Type




Product Name


 Ferrite exchange spring magnet


Product Description


An Exchange Spring Magnet is a magnetic material with high coercivity and high saturation properties derived from the exchange interaction between a hard magnetic material and a soft magnetic material, respectively. Exchange spring magnets are cheaper than many magnets containing rare earth/transition metals. The exchange spring magnet offers an improvement in the maximum energy products of material, as compare to pure ferrites. On the other hand, the ferrite exchange spring magnets have the common features of ferrites such as chemical stability and corrosion resistance, high electrical resistivity, low price and low eddy current losses. 


Product Application

  • Small electric motors
  • Micro-wave devices
  • Recording media
  • Magneto-optic media
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronic industry

Product Specifications


Magnetic properties

Residual Induction Br

kG (mT)

4 (400)

Coercive Force Hc

kOe (KA/m)

3.5  (280)


Energy Product (BH)max

MGO (KJ/m3)

3.7  (29.5)


Curie Temperature





Physical properties

Density (g/cm3)


Modulus of elasticity (GPa)


Ultimate tensile strength (MPa)


Coefficient of thermal expansion (10-6 /°C)

Perpendicular to orientation

Parallel to orientation





Electrical resistivity

(Ω-cm) at 20 °C





Product functional specifications


It’s customizable up to customer order

Approved and adopted standards


Approved by the Metal Materials Domestic industry and the industries of Shahid Hadi

Similar foreign products


There is no similar commercial grade

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